(IAAC) Obj: NGC 7000 (North America nebula, HV-37, LBN47, Sh2-117) - Inst: 14.5" dob

[Editor's Note: Apologies for the duplicate log for NGC 7000
submitted just prior to this one. This is in fact a NEW log!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@atmob.org>]

Observer: Geoff Chester
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Date & Time of Observation: 10/24/1998 22:45:00
Location: Sky Meadows State Park, VA USA (Lat 39N)
Sky Transparency: Extremely Clear
Seeing: Somewhat Stable
Instrument: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob
Magnification: 55mm Ploessl
Filter(s) Used: Lumicon OIII
Object: NGC 7000 (North America nebula, HV-37, LBN47, Sh2-117)
Object Type: Emission nebula.
Class: E
Constellation: Cyg
Position: 205846.5 +441919
Data: Mag FT 5.96m*; Size 120'x100'
Object Rating: A
Jeff Cook brought over his O-III filter and 55mm 2" Plossl
eyepiece. That gave us about 30X. The North America Nebula
was as plain as day! The most striking feature is the "Gulf
of Mexico", which is like a deep black void with the
nebulosity very sharply defined. It was quite an amazing
sight, and at this power I like it better than the Veil.

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