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Welcome to the North American Meteor Network homepage - dedicated
to coverage of sporadic and meteor shower activity.

NAMN serves to:

  • promote astronomy and related sciences
  • recruit and train new observers in the methods of meteor observation
  • coordinate North American observations
  • Founded in June 1995


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    General Information:
    Bullet What is NAMN?
    Bullet Meteor Links
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    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Bullet Meteors and Meteor Observing
    Bullet Near-Earth Objects
    Bullet Meteorite Identification/Tests

    NAMN Observing Guide:  (HTML)  or  (PDF)
    An extensive educational guide to observing meteors.

    Meteor Observing Target Dates for      2014
    (A Calendar of Meteor Showers NAMN will Monitor)


    Observing Aids:
    Limiting Magnitude Field Locator and Calculator
    A program designed to use the IMO predefined star count areas

    Star Charts
    Charts for determining sky conditions and meteor magnitudes

    Observing Report Forms
    Various report forms for submitting observations



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