Examples of Meteorites

Iron Meteorites:

Canyon Diablo - Coarse Octahedrite
The Canyon Diablo meteorite created the famous Meteor Crater in northern Arizona. This meteorite, found in 1891, was most likely a fragment of an asteroid and arrived on Earth about 50,000 years ago.

Sikote-Alin - Octahedrite
The Skihote-Alin meteorite is the largest observed meteorite fall in modern history. The meteorite arrived as a shower of fireballs on February 12, 1947 in the Sikhote-alin Mountains of Russia. Many people consider the Sikhote-Alin regmaglypted (thumbprinted) meteorites the most beautiful meteorite of all.

Stone Meteorites:

Millbillie - Achondrite
The Millbillie meteorite is classified as a CA-rich Eucrite type of stone meteorite. It was seen to fall by dozens of people leaving a church in October 1960 in Western Australia.

Stony Iron Meteorites:

Esquel - Pallasite
The Esquel meteorite fell near Chubut, Argentina and was found in 1951. The gem-like structures are Olivine in an iron/nickel matrix.

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