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+AD4-I've sat and watched the meteorobs list now for about 2 months but
+AD4-spoke up before.
+AD4-Well, I'm the quiet type :) Anyway, I've had telescopes for many years
+AD4-and I go out for meteor
+AD4-showers and other astronomical events....but I have a major problem
+AD4-I never quite grasped how to tell the latitudes or longitudes.
+AD4-Does anyone have this info on the web? If it helps, I live in San
+AD4-Antonio, Texas and
+AD4-I can find Polaris and most major stars, if anyone could explain or
+AD4-point me to a possible web URL
+AD4-I would appreciate it.

Hi+ACE- ....and welcome to meteorobs+ACE- You can find the latitude and
longitude for San Antonio on a lot of maps...but in case you don't have
one, try the following web site:

http://www.censusdot gov/cgi-bin/gazetteer/

Clear skies+ACE-

-Mark Davis