(meteorobs) Re: An aside remark

-- [ From: Robert Lunsford * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

I am not doubting your observation but I find it hard to comprehend the
fact that a satellite can be seen near midnight during the Geminids with
the sun at an altitude of -70 degrees. With the sun 70 degrees below the
horizon that satellite would have to be in a pretty darn high orbit (say
a quarter of the distance to the moon) to be out of the Earth's shadow.
At that distance I doubt it would be visible at all!

Bob Lunsford

Psmc Wrote:
> I beleive satellites are visible through out night.  Not all
satellites mind
> you. The ones in near Earth orbit are only visible in a small window
> dawn and dusk.  Given the proper altitude, satellites can be seen
> the night.  I remember one dark and particularly cold and clear
December night
> whilst viewing Geminids I noticed a satellite in polar orbit.  It was
through a
> pair of binoculars though, I could not see it unaided.