Re: (meteorobs) Looking for maps

Edward Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> This site came to my attention.  I don't know any addresses in Canada but
> it works for my address.  Good Luck!
> Ed.
> http://www.mapblast.com/yt.hm?FAM=mapblast&SEC=start

The site is very, very good for Canadian locations.

In the Toronto region, I fed it street addresses and x marks the spot! 
Outstanding.  At the highest zoom in, I can get separte lat/long for my
front and back lawns!  On my 17 inch monitor, 250 feet scales to just
less than  1/2 inch on screen.  The scale is shown.

I tried Regina, Saskatchewan, population about 180,000.  It didn't have
the street database but it did have all the streets as grey lines.  If
you new where you lived, you could use the zoom, move centre, move icon
features to walk into the same accuracy as above.

So then I decided to really test it.  I fed it Davin, Saskatchewan,
population about 30.  It found it!!! But it didn't know any loacal
streets or section roads.  So if you live in a place like Davin and need
a fairly precise lat/long, you'll need a 1:50,000 map or the township
map to get it.  But just finding Davin was an accomplishment!

Great tip ED!



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