(meteorobs) 'meteorobs' Web site updated (Meteor Storms; unsubscribing)

The informational Web pages for the 'meteorobs' mailing list have now been 
updated, to provide a page of text plus several links regarding the Leonids and 
possible meteor storms in general. Please check the new content out at:
    http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/storms.html
and send me (in private) your comments!

ALSO NOTE: For your convenience, there is now a Web form for *UN*subscribing 
from 'meteorobs' as well as for subscribing to it, at:
    http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/subscribe.html

Clear skies and happy surfing,
Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@latrade.com>