Re: (meteorobs) Daytime observation of meteors

rbeldyk@wsccdot edu wrote:

> I have been monitoring the fm 50-54 MHz and Broadcast TV channel 2 (54 to
> 60 MHz) to detect meteor scattering during daylight hours.  I have a simple
> system that records the strength and duration of a scatter event by the use
> of a light probe connected to a CBL and TI Graphing Calculator. I have not
> tried to correlate this data with any other data as of yet.
> I am interested in hearing if anyone has tried this and to what success.

I have worked for a long time with a forward scatter meteor radar and
you can see a list of works on radar observations of meteor showers at
my personal home page (the http address il listed below). If you need
reprints, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Last year I elaborated a new approach to forward scattering and related
the signal strenght to the meteor height. You can find a preprint at the
xxx server (http://xxx.lanldot gov/), preprint astro-ph/9804279.
For the moment, this is only a theory, but I am searching for
experimental data. Now I have find the valuable help of several european
amateur astronomers and if you want to join us you are welcome.

Perhaps you may be interested in the International Conference
"Meteoroids 98", that will be held in the Slovak Republic next august



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