(meteorobs) Perplexed!

Hi Observers;

My cavity filter was off frequency a bit, sooo we fixed and it's now
dead on 83.25 MHz. Well sirree...I listened from 3-11am today and not a
single ping!
Heck when it was off a bit I heard meteor tonal pings. I'm tempted to move
the frequency lugnut back to the old position. The next shower was
supposed to be the Zeta Perseids either on the 8th or 13th, my rates were
dropping yestaerday before we tuned the filter, about 8/hr by 14-15 UT.
I'll give it a try tomorrow morning to see if the Z-Perseids do anything,
if not there are the Beta-Taurids on the 28th.

I have not see a cavity filter change so much over a few months, below is
a crude ascii of the positions;

                          | <-- origional position jan-april
                       |  |  |
  May 7 position ----> |     |
                             | <-- june 11 position


Mike - a perplexed observer!