(meteorobs) Re: NOT off-topic: Consortium Wishes to Light Up Night Sky!?

Hello Lew,

I do hope this is a "Canard", because otherwise..... Must not think of 
the idea that such would be true during our November Sino-Dutch Leonid 
Expedition to Qinghai!!!!!! "Braindead" is indeed the right word for such 
crazy plans. They should lock-up such people...

-Marco Langbroek
 Dutch Meteor Society
 DMS-CAS Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 1998

Op Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Lew Gramer schreef:

> Forgive me if this wild scheme is already generally known,
> and far be it from me to be alarmist, BUT...
> The following excerpt is from the online pages of "New
> Scientist" magazine. Review their complete article at:
> http://www.newscientist.com/cgi-bin/pageserver.cgi?/ns/980620/nspacemirror.html
>      "London, Brussels, Seattle and Kiev will be
>      just some of the cities lit up from space in
>      November if an ambitious Russian experiment
>      goes to plan. A consortium of aerospace companies
>      intends to launch a giant mirror that will reflect
>      sunlight down to Earth, appearing up to **ten times
>      as bright as the full Moon**. [!]
>      "The experiment, called Znamya 275, is the
>      brainchild of the Space Regatta Consortium
>      (SRC). The companies involved, led by Energia of
>      Korolev, near Moscow, hope that a successful test
>      will drum up interest in their plan to use up to 200
>      such reflectors to bring sunlight to the Arctic
>      during the dark days of winter.
>      "Astronomers are aghast. If the idea catches on,
>      they say, it could spell the end of ground-based
>      astronomy by dazzling their telescopes. "I cringe to
>      think that we could lose the night sky because of
>      all these companies with their brain-dead ideas,"
>      says Daniel Green, an astronomer at the
>      Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in
>      Cambridge, Massachusetts."