(meteorobs) Fwd: Two possible Xi Bootids found on automated video

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From: "Gural, Peter S." <PETER.S.GURAL@saic.com>
To: "'meteorobs@jovian.com'" <meteorobs@jovian.com>
Subject: Two possible Xi Bootids found on automated video
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 07:05:31 -0500 

Hi all;

I had partly cloudy skies and some high cirrus in Northern Virginia Feb 5/6
but still ran the automated meteor detection software (MeteorScan) off my
intensified video feed from 4:13-11:00 UT.  Three meteors were detected with
close alignment with the Xi Bootid radiant... one slow and two medium speed:

	8:55:38 UT	24 deg/sec	m=2.4
	9:26:51 UT	26 deg/sec	m=3.2
	10:48:06 UT	14 deg/sec	m=6.3

I have printed out the video frames stored by the computer and planned to
send them to Mark Davis. I will try to get the stellar coordinates of the
track start and stop positions shortly.

Pete Gural

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