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.  Still that's not bad for devices costing $150--$300.
    Prices for the Stano Intensifiers are up since the $199 sale for 25mm
Intensifiers.  Stano's home page lists the following:

    25 mm MCP 2nd Generation Image Intensifier
    1. Excellent--Best Grade--------------------$950 USD
    2. Limited Performance-lower grade--------   225 USD

    18 mm MCP Intensifier 2nd Generation
    1. Excellent-Best Grade--------------------  $595 USD
    2. Good-Medium Grade-------------------     495 USD
    3. Basic Grade----------------------------      395 USD

Sure wish they would have another sale.  I could use another one or two.
Any one know where I can get a good used 40 mm  2nd Gen Intensifier at
reasonable cost?

Ed Majden

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