(meteorobs) 2000 HD74

Dear Meteorobs folk

I expect _absolutely_ no meteors whatsoever from this faint asteroidal
object with cometary orbit, but I've just dropped its elements through the
grinding mill & they come out radiant RA 269 deg, Dec 42 deg [5 deg N theta
Her], Vgeo 30 km/s [slow-medium] and May 16.0.  The date [already past]
means I haven't time to sit around assessing this.  This 18th mag object is
already at the node, there is _no_ orbital intersection between its orbit
and earth's, perihelion is on July 8th [near our aphelion, interestingly
enough] but it'll be well below the ecliptic plane then, finally period is
almost exactly 5 years. Elements on MPEC 2000-J56 via

http://cfa-www.harvarddot edu/mpec/RecentMPECs.html

As I said, I've no time at all to assess this, but I reckon _nothing_ will
come of it, this is on a just in case level, and I accept no responsibility
whatsoever for anything, anywhere, ever :) .



John Greaves

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