Re: (meteorobs) Cloudy fireball detections!

From: Lew Gramer
> Ed Majden asked:
> >Has anyone ever recorded a short duration, (a few second), increase in
> >sky brightness during a period when skies are overcast? A very bright
> >fireball above a cloud layer should create such a phenomenon I would
> Not sure what you mean by "recorded", Ed

    Poor choice of words, Lew!  I should have said observed, or noticed.

> What specifically were you interested in finding out about such events?

    On the "wet" coast, one or sometimes all of our Sandia All-sky camera
sites are clouded out.  One of the functions of this network is to alert
Sandia of a bright fireball event.  This would be another way of doing this
even if clouds are present.  I would think that the fireball would have to
be a very bright one to produce a noticable effect through a solid cloud
layer.  The full moon at -12.7 magnitude or so, is not bright enough to do
this unless the cloud layer is scattered or thin.  I expect that a thick
cloud layer would prevent detection even with a very bright fireball.


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