(meteorobs) June Bootids

After a sparkling day in which the sky was a deep blue I began watching
for June Bootid activity at 05:00 UT or 10pm local time. Wouldn't you
know it but as soon as it became dark the humidity rose and the
sparkling skies were soon hazy. My limiting magnitude was 5.45 which is
not too bad from my backyard. Still I did not see a single meteor in 90
minutes. This makes no sense as I have seen several meteors this past
week while viewing Mars through the telescope. I can see meteors with
one eye on the eyepiece yet when I focus both eyes on the sky nothing

At 06:30 UT I turned on my side to look a bit further east away from the
glare but soon fell asleep. I woke some 5 hours later totally soaked
from the dew. Sometime during that time some thin cirrus arrived so not
much was lost. I should have spent this time watching Mars!

This was my last "session" until the old moon in July. I have to work
the next 8 days straight and then I'm out of town for a week of R & R.

Until Then!

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