(meteorobs) Observation July 5/6 from Slovenia

Hi All,

I have finally managed to get out and observe for the first time since 
early January. It was great to be under (relatively) dark skies again!

Meteor activity was moderate, comparing well to my observations 
two years back at about the same time. In 2000, I recorded 30 
sporadics, 3 Sagittarids and 1 July Pegasid in 3.2 hours teff. 
Yesterday I saw 23 sporadics, 2 Sagittarids and one each early 
July Pegasid and Capricornid in 2.1 hours teff, under somewhat 
darker skies.
I thought that the best meteor of the night was going to be a slow 
+1 magnitude yellow sporadic that shot down through western 
Ophiuchus just seconds after I started. But there was an even 
better one to come. At 23:09 UT, a bluish (!) -1 Sagittarid traveled 
slowly down from Cepheus into Camelopardalis. It dimmed below 
magnitude 0 three times during its flight.

A very enjoyable night, which I hope to repeat tonight, if the 
weather still permits.

Clear skies!

Date: July 05/06, 2002
Begin 22h 11m UT. End: 00h 22m UT.
Place: Trije kralji, Slovenia (23114)
Location: 15 27' 46" E, 46 26' 16" N, 1182 m
Observer: Javor Kac (KACJA)

Period (UT)  Field  Teff  F    Lm  SAG JPE CAP Spor
22:11-23:16 285 +20 1.03 1.00 6.59 P 2 P 0 P 0 C  8
23:16-00:22 310 +30 1.03 1.00 6.60 P 0 P 1 P 1 C 15

Magnitude distributions:
SAG: -1(1) 0(1)
JPE: +3(0.5) +4(0.5)
CAP: +3 (1)
Spor: +1(3.5) +2(2.5) +3(3) +4(6.5) +5(6.5) +6(1)

Bortle Sky Class: 3-4

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