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He's talking about documented evidence. There are certainly cases where people go to hospitals because they've been alarmed by scare tactics propagated by the news media, they got the flu and started feeling nauseous and thought they might be poisoned, they swallowed some gas they were siphoning out of a tractor, have breathing phobias, they're trying to scam some kind of disability payments or whatever. There is no doubt that the shuttle was carrying toxic substances and that some of this made it earth and it may have sickened some people. But I'd bet that non-associated circumstances outweigh actual shuttle related problems 1000:1.




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Christine, can you supply any references on the fact that

"so many have been sickened by coming in contact...."
I've not heard, nor seen, any documented reference to

chuck ferriday


It has been all over CNN and Fox news.  Approximately 70 people who have come in contact with debris from the shuttle have sought care from area hospitals, some of which have complained of respiratory distress.

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