Re: (meteorobs) Perspective


While I understand your concerns and know you write and speak with great 
sincerity, it is often easy to try and bring complex issues to simple terms 
such as this. Lost in the simplification are some very important facts. 
Study after study over the past four decades have shown the cost-to-benefit 
ratio for space spending provides the greatest tangible benefit to mankind 
of ANY US program. For just a glimpse of what the Shuttle program alone has 
done, check out http://www.fas.org/news/usa/2000/usa-001012.htm. And that 
does not include the major scientific advances likely to come from the hard 
work of the crew of STS-107. Or the advances from the Gemini, Mercury and 
Apollo programs. Also lost in the news are the hundreds of thousands of 
lives saved over the past forty years, thanks to the money spent to push 
man beyond what he thought was his limits. In the end that is what the 
space program has done. And 17 courageous and dedicated people have 
willingly given their lives to make that possible.

Chuck Boudreaux

At 09:08 PM 02/04/2003, you wrote:

>While clearing my mailbox of this deluge of messages on the shuttle 
>tragedy, it occured to me how little news is accorded to the 1000's of 
>people who die of starvation in Africa and to the 500,000 or more who die 
>of cancer in the US every year... Now where should we be spending the 
>billions of dollars it will cost to figure out a more reliable spaceship?
>Mike Linnolt
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