(meteorobs) Re: REPOST 1997 Perseid max good from SW Fla

Following up on discussion of the 1997 Perseids, here is a repost of what I
saw from that event in Florida.  Lat 26.5N, long 81.5W :

>Finally got a break in the weather after missing 11 nights.  Had a good
Perseid max after an 8-year wait since the last one.  I arrived at my site
right about moonset, and observed 5:03 hours with 272 meteors.  Full-hour
Perseid rates 126 - 526 EDT (526 - 926 UT) were 20,38,68,60 in sky LM7.2
first hour, then 7.3 thereafter.
>I saw only 1 Kappa Cygnid the entire session.  A very distinctive slow one,
so it's especially unlikely that I'm mislabeling them.  Why do others see so
many of these??  I do better with the Kappa Aquarids in late September, and
a rate of 2/hr from a shower that slow really stands out.
>A few bright Perseids were around this year, but none better than -5m.
>642 UT  WB  -5  train 10s
>719 UT  Y    -4  train 60s
>727 UT  BG   -4   train 3s
>741 UT  Y   -3  train 10s
>906 UT  Y   -4   train 10s
>Nice showing of long-enduring trains.  I was surprised by such a long one
from just a -4.  The middle of it bowed eastward a couple of degrees by the
time it ended.
>The best minor shower was Alpha Capricornids, total 6 of these in 4 hours.
>The most unusual color was an orange-red Perseid 0m seen soon after I
started.  Haven't seen anything with any hint of red in quite some time.  An
orange 0m Alpha Cap had a 3-degree sparkly wake, sparks were orange also.
>Looking back to 1989 Aug 11/12, hours 326 - 526 EDT  (726 - 926 UT)
Perseids were 62,61 in sky LM7.0.  And in 1988, same night, 226 - 526 EDT
(626 - 926 UT) Perseids 42,49,73 in sky LM7.3.  So 1997 was very similar to
1988-89.  Post-max night in 1988  hours 226-526 EDT had >Perseids 30,41,42
in sky LM7.3.  Will it be that good in 1997?  We will find out tonight.

The next night was cloudy, as it turns out.


Norman W. McLeod III
Staff Advisor
American Meteor Society

Fort Myers, Florida

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