Re: (meteorobs) Fireball Report 2/4/04 Miami FL approx 25.6N 80.4W

hello group - i am so pleased to be able to make this report!
having just left the fort lauderdale airport to pick up my visiting son, we were just west of the miami airport when fireball was observed

Your Name? dale botwin

Your Town/State/Country? miami, fl, usa

Date and Time? 2/4/04 approx 711pm

What compass direction did the fireball appear from? S

What compass direction did the fireball DISAPPEAR from? SSW

How long, in seconds, were you able to see it in the sky? 1.5

How many degrees off the horizon was it when it APPEARED?
(As a reference, a closed fist held at arm's length is
approximately 10 degrees.)

How many degrees off the horizon was it when it DISAPPEARED? 30

How bright did it appear?
Like a star, Venus, the Moon, or the setting Sun?

Did it have any color(s)? pale green - see notes

Did it appear to fall apart as it went by? What did that look like?

Did it leave a persistent streak in the sky after it was gone?
How long did that last?
  no, although viewing conditions were poor

How fast did it move? Use a 1 to 5 scale, 1 being
VERY slow, and 5 being extremely quick.

Did you hear a sound?
If yes, what was the time delay from sighting to sound?

What is the closest Town/State to where you saw the fireball?
  miami fl

Please put any additional remarks, sketches, drawings, etc. below:
my son and i were travelling southbound on florida turnpike - we both observed the object despite highway lighting - both agreed on color although windshield tinting may have altered the true color - quite bright, brief
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