Re: (IAAC) Nebulosity in The Pleiades

The reflection nebula that the Pleiades is embedded in is actually
pretty easy to see with the unaided eye, but you do need dark mountain
skies.  Similarly for the North American Nebula - actually quite easy
with the unaided eye.  A great deal is visible with unaided eye, but
most of us spend our time in front of an eyepiece.  Some objects like
the California Nebula are difficult and take H-Beta filters in front of
each eye.  I've never seen Barnard's Loop, but a few amateurs have
reported this.  Unaided eye observing is a lot of fun and very rewarding
- I encourage all to to try, and to spend time practicing the ability.

For more on unaided star counts in the Pleiades, see

Clear skies, Mel Bartels