Re: (IAAC) IR bandpass filters

--- Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com> wrote:
> Someone on a local Club e-list asked a question regarding special
> transmittance filters - basically, more "customized" versions of the
> well-known UHC, OIII, etc. filters. I believe the poster was an
> astro-imager, but thought this may be of interest to visual         
> observers, too.
> Note that such filters are generally NOT inexpensive! Clear skies,
> Lew Gramer

Hi Lew,

You might also consider bandpass interference filters from Andover
Corporation [standard disclaimer -- I have no personal connection]. 


They offer a 50mm Hydrogen Alpha filter, for example, for $186 --
Lumicon's price range. 


Filters are available for all parts of the spectrum; take your pick!

Clear skies,


Thomas O'Hara, PhD
San Diego, California, USA

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