RE: (IAAC) Leonids Our first observations

Leonids from central Oregon Cascades

Wow - Leonids beyond words!

Up to six meteors visible at any one time, on average a meteor per
second, half of the Leonids were magnitude zero or brighter.  Did not
matter which direction one faced, meteors were dropping across the sky.
Every several minutes a Leonid would explode with a flash, as if someone
with a flash camera were taking pictures a few feet away.  Meteors were
very fast, with blue tails, a couple of tails lasting up to 30 minutes
before disappearing.  A few meteors burst, causing sideways fragments to
be cast off at 90 degrees.  Display started at 11pm Pacific Standard
Time, held maximum activity from 1 am to 3:30am PST.

We observed from the top of McKenzie Pass at 5000 feet elevation.  The
jet black sky and snow on the lava flows with the icy cold 35 mph steady
wind made for an experience beyond words.

Mel Bartels

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