Re: (IAAC) Fwd: Albireo in 10x50 binoculars?

> Dear Sirs,
> I am wondering if I would be able to capture the double star, Albireo, =
> with my binoculars (10x50).
> Sungcha

Yes, if your binoculars give fairly sharp star images and you can hold them
very steady.  I believe I've split the pair with similar size binoculars.
Despite my astigmatism, I can split doubles down to about 14" with my 15 x
45 Image Stabilized binoculars.  The components of Albireo are 2.5 times
farther apart.  At 10x, their apparent separation  would be about 6
arcminutes - definitely detectable under the right conditions.

Clear skies,  Sue

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