(IAAC) Supernova in NGC 1448 in Horologium

For our Southerly observers, sounds like a fine target...
Rev. Evans is RED HOT this year: wow, what inspiration! :)

Clear skies,

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	Supernova  in NGC 1448
	By Rob Carver


Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:11:02 +1000
From: Rob Carver
Subject: Supernova  in NGC 1448

Hi everyone,
There's a SuperNova in NGC 1448 (Horologium). It was found a few days ago.
I've had a week away from computers, so sorry about the delay in sending you
this. The opposition of Mars has been marvelous this week as well. I've been
out three nights in a row in average seeing and still got the best views
I've ever had of this planet. Anyhow, back to the supernova... this is from
the AAVSO....
0341-44C SN 2003hn
    Robert Evans, Hazelbrook, New South Wales, Australia reports his visual
discovery of supernova 2003hn in NGC 1448 (IAUC 8186) on Aug. 25.7 UT at a
magnitude of 14.1.  Images by Las Campanas Observatory and Cerro Tololo
Interamerican Observatory (CTIO) provide a position of:
              R.A. = 03h 44m 36s.1 Decl. = -44o 37' 49
   Most recent CTIO photometry taken on Aug. 26.32:  V =14.36, B-V = +0.21,
U-B = -0.87
The galaxy is a very beautiful, almost edge on spiral which is also
gravitationally interacting. Here's a finder/comparison chart...  

All the best,



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