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Very, very sad news indeed... I was stunned by this, as I'd recently
read a public message from Janet herself, saying she was better. This
is truly a loss for the world of astronomy, and for amateur science.

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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       Dear members, staff, and friends of the AAVSO. It is my very sad
duty to
inform you all that Dr. Janet Mattei died at 4:20 PM today 3/22/04 at
the Peter
Bent Brigham Hospital after a long battle with Acute Myelogenous
Leukemia. In
typical Janet fashion she fought a heroic battle with this deadly
disease for
the past 7 months, but in the past few weeks it overcame her. Last
teusday she
asked that I inform her friends worldwide when this time came for her.
evening she slipped into a coma, and passed away just minutes ago.

         The AAVSO has lost a strong leader who has guided our
organization to
greatness. The world of astronomy has lost a patron of her field.
astronomers the world over have lost a mentor who bridged the world of
and professionals. I, along with many others the world over who knew her
have lost a dear friend who will be deeply  missed.

An announcement on services will be forthcoming from the AAVSO.

Mario Motta, MD

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