(IAAC) Fwd: [WebbSoc] Supernova SN2004bd, NGC 3786 in Ursa Major

Always exciting when a supernova appears that is in the
range of amateur telescopes like this one! And NGC 3786
is a very nice target for mid-sized scopes - being part
of an unusual interacting pair (Arp 294) with NGC 3788,
and also being a Seyfert. And this same galaxy hosted
another very strange SN (1999bu) just a few years ago!


Definitely worth a look, about half-way between the rear
"paws" of the Bear (lambda, mu and psi Uma) to the North-
west, and the Coma Star Cluster (Melotte 111) Southeast.

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer

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	Supernova in in NGC 3786
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Hello everyone,

Finally, one in the north for you....this is from the AAVSO....

Supernova 2004bd in NGC 3786 (Ursa Major)

We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical
Telegrams (IAU Circular 8316) that Mark Armstrong, Rolvenden,
England, discovered an apparent supernova at CCD magnitude about
14.3 on unfiltered images taken on April 7.120 and 7.847 UT
using a 0.35-m reflector.  The new object was confirmed by Martin
Mobberley, Cockfield, England, on an unfiltered CCD image taken
by him on April 7.831 UT.

SN 2004bd is located at:

 R.A. = 11h 39m 42.18s,  Decl. = +31o 54' 31.8" (equinox 2000.0),

which is approximately 4.7" west and 1.2" south of the center of NGC

Here's a finder/comparison chart...


Hope you all had a great Easter,



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