(IAAC) NGC 499 20" Dobsonian

Your skill:intermediate
Date and UT of observation:28 Decemder 1997 22.00UT
Location & latitude:near Ayr South West Scotland lat 55 24'56"
Site classification:bright rural
Limiting magnitude (visual):6 (zenith) 
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst):3
Moon up (phase?):
Instrument:20" f4.4 Dobsonian
Filters used:None
Object:NGC 499
Category:Elliptical galaxy
Object data:mag  12.1  size 1.5' dia
RA/DE: RA 1 23' Dec 33.4 
Description:One of a pair of galaxies close together. NGC 499 has a bright
centrasl core and an elliptical shape roughly aligned NW-SE. There were
about 10 galaxies seen in this small compact cluster making it a very
wothwhile object to seek out. Especially as I found it by miskeying an NGC
number into my Sky Vector.
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Bonnyton House, Ayrshire,Scotland, UK. lat 55 24'56" N long 4 26' 00" W
Altitude 150 m.