(IAAC) OBJ: NGC4889 NGC4874 (galaxies) INST: 18" f/4.2 Dob-newt LM=5.1

Observer:  Todd Gross
Your skill:  Intermediate - Many years
Date and UT of observation: 3/26/99 07:45 GMT
Location & latitude: 22 mi. West of Boston, Ma. 42.3N
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual): approx. 5.1 zenith 
Seeing (1 to 10 - worst-best): 4
Moon up (phase?): No gibbous, just set
Weather: Crystal Clear
Instrument: 18" f/4.2 fl=1925mm Newt 
Magnifications: Various 101-385x
Filters used: none
Object: NGCs 4889,4874 AND coma galaxy cluster
Constellation: Coma Berenices
Object data: Galaxies
Size(s): 2.9x1.9 (4889)
Position: 13:00 +27:59
Magnitude: 11.5 
Personal "rating" (at this aperture, and sky condition): B-

Well, I took a shot through the 18" at the tiny COMA cluster
of galaxies surrounding NGC4889.(and NGC4874) I could NOT confirm that 
thbe surrounding objects were galaxies in this light and seeing 

NGC 4889 was small and elongated, clearly seen. Not quite edge-on.
NGC4874 was slightly elongated nearby at an angle to 4889 (about
45 deg. angle.. very approximate) and was more clearly visible as 
the sky darkened (this was post-moonset). Also I put a hood over my head, 
and I increased magnification.. eventually it was easy. However,
the surrounding objects which looked like stars..but some were
a bit bloated.. were pretty numerous, and I am sure many if not 
most were galaxies. (There were at least a dozen) I could not 
increase power past 385x due to the seeing, so I couldn't verify this (that
they were galaxies) for sure. 


Boston Meteorologist Todd Gross

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