(meteorobs) Re: Audible Meteors

Hi all

Many thanks for all the replies to my query concerning the sound from an
incoming meteor, the reason I posted the question is this; about three years
ago in October I was marshalling on a motor rally in the North West of
England.  The evening of the event coincided with the peak of the Orionids
shower and we were high in the Lake District fells well away from most of the
light pollution - it was a very dark and quiet night.  For a time, just before
midnight, several meteors were arriving every minute and several of the more
spectacular seemed to be accompanied by a distant crackling sound.  There may
have been overhead power or phone lines in the area - much of that district is
supplied by overheads - I don`t know, but the sound appeared to be
simultaneous with the meteors descent. Shortly after midnight the clouds
rolled in and put an end to the spectacle.  I recently metioned the fact that
I once heard meteors falling to some friends and was instantly rewarded with
considerable derision :o(

Keep watching the skies

Ron Johnson in Morecambe UK