Re: (meteorobs) -10 fireball observed last night !

Hi meteor observers !

> Where are you

I answered the question in a previous mail. I live in Western France, in
Vendée ( town : Landeronde ) at the coordinates : 46° 40' 01" N and 01°
34' 01" W
I posted this morning a report to the IMO, where I may have told things I
didn't in my mail to "meteorobs".

> and can you give us more details on the fireball i.e.
> azimuth, elevation from your location.

Sorry, but I didn't see the fireball myself, and it was spotted through a
window on a roof... What I can add, however, is that it must have pas
close to the zenith, seen the place where it has been saw. Really sorry, I
hoped someone else would have saw it and would have help in determining
the real path of the meteor. Always waiting...

Hope this can help a little bit more !

Clear skies !


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