(IAAC) Problems with Web site?

Clouseau@webtv.net writes:
>Is there currently a problem submitting observations to the site? I've
>done it before with no problem. Now, I'm getting a message that your
>site is responding in an odd way.

Hi, Harold: more than likely just a problem with my Internet Provider:
TIAC's Web server goes on the fritz about once a month... Just try entering
your log again: I hope you don't have to retype too much! Also, don't
forget that email is the default mechanism: you can always send an email in
the IAAC format to the address "netastrocatalog@latrade.com", and it will
work just the same. Sorry about the inconvenience! Maybe at some point,
we'll find someone to volunteer some space at a REAL Web Service Host for
'netastrocatalog'. :)

Clear skies!