(IAAC) limiting magnitude

Hi everyone,        

While observing m66 I notice a faint star, the
third one from the top in the drawing, that was
only visible in moments of good seeing.  The
drawing can be seen at
I got to wondering about the limiting magnitude
of this scope, a 40" f/5 dob, and found it to be
16.8. (My source, STAR WARES, did qualify this by
saying that experienced observers under good
conditions could beat this by .5 magnitudes or
more.)  I realize this star isn't a good test of
my observing skills in detecting faint stars
since it was superimposed on the galaxy, but I
would still be interested to know it's
magnitude.  Megastar listed the star right above
it at 15.4 but had no listing for the star in
question.  Can anyone point me to a source for
this information?  I won't be able to observe
again until the 28th or 29th so looking up this
info may help to alleviate the symptoms of
withdrawal that are sure to develope<g>.

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