Re: (IAAC) Obj: Unkn own - Inst: aperture=3.5 700mm Focal Length, tr

Hi Kim
I have been looking for this object in just about every catalog I can find and still can not find what exactly it is I am seeing.
I think I can rule out M5 and PAL5 because I have viewed the images on ESO and neither look like what I am seeing.
I have SkyMap Pro 7.0 and Pulled up the section that I am talking about and M5 is in the field of view as well as PAL5 to the south.  You also see 4 Serpentis just to the north or PAL5.  The object I am viewing is west of 4 Serpentis and approx the same distance away from 4 Serpentis as PAL5 is.
Maybe that gives a better location.  I do see that NGC5868 and 5869 are in the area as well, but I do not think that is what I am seeing.  Let me look through all of ISO's images for the area and see what I can find:)  I enjoy doing this!! :-)