Re: (IAAC) Obj: Epsilon Ori - Inst: 10" F4.8 Equatorial mount GP/DX

Hi, Barry, and thanks for the logs! And don't be shy or worried about being
wrong on something in a log! Every one of us has made similar mistakes: that
is, if we've done much actual observing, and been honest with ourselves! :)

>Are stars considerd OK to LOG on the IAAC as I was unsure?

If they are interesting for some reason, and you think other amateurs might
want to also observe the same object, I would say "Yes", Barry! Of course,
we wouldn't want to clutter up the archive with observations of simple stars,
but if its a multiple star (optical or binary), variable, carbon star, or if
its just a star of great historical interest, and you observe it... log it!

Here's an example of one "unusual" log, put in by yours truly. And it even
has reporting errors in it - just for demonstration purposes, of course! ;>


In fact, it turns out I was dead wrong when I called 61 Cygni 'a star whose
proper motion is the largest known, at a breathtaking 5.2" per year' (among
other little misstatements)! Here's the thread from our "chat" list where I
was better informed by some of the worthies on our list:


And thanks to their correction, I've since been reading the excellent book
"Parallax", by Alan W. Hirshfeld. If you have any interest at all in the
history of astronomy or science in general, I really recommend this book!

Clear skies all!

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