(IAAC) CNN Light Pollution Poll: Make your voice heard!

This online CNN poll asks the question:
    "Which do you consider the biggest pollution problem?"

It's worth responding to by the amateur community, I think. (BTW, I did have
brief qualms about NOT voting for some of the other options in this poll: But I
sincerely believe that Light Pollution is the symptom and cause of one of the
great impoverishments of our modern life... the loss of the stars. And in fact,
I would wager that missing the nightly reminder of a dark sky leads naturally to
other symptoms of environmental disrespect in our society, e.g., littering on
public lands, allowing ridiculous levels of car exhaust, noise pollution, etc.)

Just one amateur's opinion. Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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Perhaps NSAAC members would like to weigh in on this poll.
Right now Light Pollution is on top bigtime.


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Hi all-

A friend just posted this note to my local club's list. Thought it
would be good to pass it on. I just voted and light pollution
currently has 84% of the vote!


CNN has a poll that members of this list might want to vote on. It's on
the right side of the page.

It asks: Which do you consider the biggest pollution problem?

Light pollution is the first of the choices listed. Maybe this means
that light pollution is finally beginning to be recognized for the
huge problem that it is.

The poll can be found at:

Please pass this on to any other astronomers you know. Light pollution
has a commanding lead at the moment, but the more votes the better. 
John Huntsberger

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