(IAAC) Site with over 200 deep-sky sketches: http://visualdeepsky.org/BenjiSketches.html

Benji Mauclaire, a very active French deep-sky observer,
has put together an extensive Website of sketches he has
done with his 17.5" Dobsonian:

Note that this site is only in French! So you may find
this link just off of the main page easier to navigate.
This is only a small sample of Benji's efforts, however:


Because the sketches on this site are so comprehensive
(and so well done), I took the liberty of preparing a
small index (in English) on the visualdeepsky Website:

I hope you find this useful in your visual observing!

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

NOTE: I could find Benji's email address nowhere on the
public Internet - nor is he a member of IAAC (yet!). So
if you would like to contact him about these sketches or
his observations, please just email me.

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