(meteorobs) Re: June Lyrids/Xi Draconids

Karl and Everyone,

The June Lyrids have been added back on to the IMO's list apparently
after the publication of their 2001 Calendar.

I would not say that anything unusual is happening unless rates exceed 5
per hour during an entire session. That certainly did not happen on the
12th for me and I doubt that rates were that high for Pierre.

Was anyone out last night? I had to work early so I was unable to watch.

Clear Skies!

Robert Lunsford

Karl Antier wrote:
> Hi everybody !
> I found a third fomula of ZHR in the NAMN Guide. It seems to have similarities
> with this:
> > ZHR=HR/[r^(Lm-6.5)*cos(z)^1.47]  (in the calendar, and it was said it's from
> > IMO)
> The formula is ZHR = ((HR) * r^(1 - lm - 6.5)) / sin (h)
> Is it the same ?
> Furthermore, I had another question. Pierre Martin and Robert Lunsford sent two
> reports on meteorobs stating that they had plotted several June Lyrids and
> Xi-Bootids. Pierre Martin even wondered if something wasn't happening. I'm
> wondering too. These two showers weren't included in IMO working list of meteor
> showers, that indicates that their activity must be very low ( I mean ZHR<1 or 2
> during the maximum ), but these two observers noticed a better ZHR than that
> (Bob Lunsford observed 2 JLY, and 1 XBO; Pierre Martin said he had plotted
> several JLY and XBO), although they didn't observe during the maximum. Is
> something happening?
> Clear skies !
> Karl.
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